Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Coffee filter Jesse Tree angels

This year I finally got signed up on time to make Jesse Tree ornaments with my church. I am so excited to finally get a full set of ornaments when we are all done. If you haven't heard of the Jesse Tree I highly encourage you to look that up and see if it's something you want to do with your family. It spreads throughout December and tells the story of Jesus up to his birth. It's a great way to be interactive with your family and if you can get 25 people together it works out great to have each take a day and make 25 ornaments, each takes a day and symbol to make that represents the story for that day. Then you all get together and exchange ornaments! That way each person gets an ornament for each day and it has special meaning not only because of what it represents for the day of the story but you have that each family has put in work to make that ornament. Obviously mine was day 24, the angel. There are plenty of posts that have GREAT ideas on what to do for the different days. One that I found that had some great ideas was Faithful Provisions, she has some very cute ideas on what to do for each day. 

To make the angels was easy, this is all over the place and easy as all get out to do. Of course that being said my kiddos did struggle a little bit with the wings but with help they got it and had a good time making these. 

First you need to get;
Coffee filters
Thin ribbon
Cotton balls
Hot glue gun
Pipe cleaners, I used white

Start with 2 cotton balls in the middle of one coffee filter and then squeeze under the cotton balls to make the neck of the angel. (If you would like to do something extra special put a drop or 2 of your favorite holiday essential oil on the cotton balls prior to closing it up. I would make sure its in the middle so it doesn't bleed onto the filter.) 

It's helpful to make sure you have everything centered to get a good layered dress. Then stick another coffee filter up just until you hit the cotton balls to make the layered part of the dress. 

Tie a ribbon around the neck to hold the cotton balls in and the second coffee filter in place. Then take a third coffee filter and pinch it right in the middle to make the wings. Wrap a pipe cleaner around it to hold the space then loop it for hanging. After that spread the "wings" out nicely so it's ready to be glued onto the back of the body. 

Glue the body on with a hot glue gun and set aside to let it dry while going on to making more! Yup that simple. :)

This one had a small tie around the neck. Most of my other ones I made it longer. 

Now off to bring these to the group and collect up the other ornaments made by others! Can't wait to see what other people have done as their ornaments. 

For those who are interested in learning more about the Jesse Tree here is a book that can help you get started on this fun tradition. 

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