Monday, August 12, 2013

Fun school snack

I wanted a fun snack for my kiddos that would be peanut allergy safe yet still let my son that LOVES peanut butter and pretzels and/or apples to have that. He really has never liked sunflower butter so I changed it up this morning and added a bit of creativity to the snack to make it even more fun. I made sunflower pepita butter, it was so easy and as you can see I made just enough for 3 snacks and baby's lunch (yes, I know he's 4 but a) He will always be my baby and b) I don't use the kiddos names on stuff ). 

The recipe I used was simple...

1/4 cup sunflower seeds
1/4 cup raw pepitas
1 TBLS coconut oil

I put the nuts in first and ground them until they were mashed, then added the coconut oil (being it's warm now mine was liquid and that worked better). I ran the mini food processor until the whole mixture was a smooth consistency (my family like theirs smooth) then put into the containers. It would have worked better in these containers had I done this the night before and froze or refrigerated it so the coconut oil was solid again and kept it from running but I didn't do that. It's a good note for next time though!

That's it!! I sent along wipes also to make sure they were able to wash up their hands and area after they were done. :) (sometimes I send my wash cloth napkins but today I just needed quick, simple and easy for the kiddos to remember to bring only one thing back) It made a great addition to baby's lunch and he is really excited to eat his too, like the big kiddos. ;)

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