Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall changes

Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year, while in the Midwest it's different than down here, I still love it never the less. I always get into a mood of change along with the changing of the seasons. This summer I made plans to expand my urban farm and, although slightly earlier than I thought, changes have begun. 

My best friend has to move, not far from where she currently lives and to a dream house. Thing is that dream house doesn't include the ability to have chickens. For her and I it's sad because she was the one to take the plunge into back yard chickens and paved the way for me. It was her flock that helped me convince my husband we should go the same route. So in a bitter sweet move I have taken her flock into mine. Her husband built this absolutely awesome coop for their chicks, and I have now gotten that also with the new flock addition. OH MY GOODNESS, it is awesome. So this weekend was moving day!!  

Like with any move we hit some snags, like the fact that the new coop had 14 foot sections that couldn't be moved with just a pick up. So we moved the chickens first while working on the logistics of getting the coop moved where taking place. She had 4 to be added to my 5 so I separated my existing coop to get them all acquainted. We found out 2 of the 4 mixed fine with our flock but the barred rocks were not having new chickies just "comin in" and taking over (even though they were the new girls on the block) so keeping them seperated was the best solution. As you can see though that means my currently one laying chick had to wait to get to her nesting box so lots of shuffling around took place with making sure one flock could lay (my friend's was first being she has 4 layers to my one) and then my lil mother clucker ran in afterward very grateful to get some "box time" in. Thankfully this is temporary,and as of writing this, should be rectified today!! Whew, my girl will be happy. :) 

Princess helped HUGE the first day keeping watch over the chickens so our hawk that has been hanging around didn't come in and lessen the numbers. Of course being that meant she was outside all day so she found ways, like making this coop all "prettied up" to keep herself entertained. It was fun, the whole clan got involved and helped welcome the new flock in. 

Being we only have one layer there wasn't a minute that the new girls weren't being watched to see if they were laying so that child could grab an egg and bring it in... 

Princess of course got sole egg duty the first day, for as much work as she did she very much earned this right. 

Finally late Sunday evening it was completed... My neighbor came through huge and let us use his trailer and the sections were brought over and put together by my friend's husband. He was awesome and worked very hard to make sure it was right and just the way it needed to be before leaving. My friend put aside her need to do a lot of work at home to help us get this completed, and oh my gosh I was just blow away and blessed to have friends that would do that!! 

So weekend adventure completed!! Now the process of cleanup begins!! A great jump start to getting my backyard fall expansion started, in a BIG way!! 

From this....

To this...

Not a bad weekend!! :)

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