Sunday, October 20, 2013

Grass fed Gelatin Gummies

I ran out of snacks for this week so I whipped up some easy gummies and let my princess pick the flavors. This is so easy to make I don't know why I bought store bought gummies. This makes a decent amount of smaller (no not as small as store bought) gummies. I did these in about 5 minutes and the longest part was just waiting for them to set, yup that took a whole 10 minutes. :)

I did Orange Carrot and Grape, I am saving the cherry for my next batch. :)

Here is the 3 simple ingredient recipe....

3 cups room temperature juice (100% juice, I used organic and obviously one mixed juice. All turned out great)
1/2 cup Grass fed Gelatin
1/4 Cup raw local honey

Mix all ingredients together. I did the juice and honey first then I was able to quickly add the gelatin and whisk it all in then put it into a measuring cup to pour into the molds. Yup that simple and then popped mine in the freezer for about 10 minutes until they were set. If you look at my pictures you can see a little ice from just coming out. You can put them in the fridge also, just check in 15-20 minutes to ensure they completely set. 

Fun, easy snacks and all very good ingredients. How can you go wrong with this?? Hopefully you enjoy as much as my kiddos. :)

Here are some of the molds and gelatin I used...

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