Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY Baby Wash Cloths

I make a lot of "Mommy" products and needed a good addition to the collection. I know I STILL use my baby washcloths on my 4 year old. These are easy to make, affordable, and CUTE! I made sure to have a few different patterns and grabbed some terry cloth from the store also. I would HIGHLY suggest that a good thrift store look around would yield some cheaper and very nice terry cloth. 

I first picked a size that I wanted, I went with 6" x 7". Then I put "right sides together" and pinned them. 

Then I sewed the edges, leaving a small space to turn this back so I had the right side out...

Once the cloth is where it should be I actually ironed them flat THEN sewed it shut since I was able to get the opening set so it was easier to try to sew it shut and keep it not as noticeable. 

Since these are to sell and give as gifts I can easily add some Dr. Bronner's to be mixed with water and used on these great little washcloths!! :)

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