Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year, New Goals...

Ha, a new year... Not really a clean slate but as the the old year's issues come into the new year it is always fun to see them with a renewed sense of being able to take them and the new year's challenges on!! While my day to day life has plenty going on, I am looking forward to bringing more into the homesteading adventure in my little urban life. December brought a new yogurt proofer from my wonderful hubby to allow me to do more probiotic yummies for our family. I picked up the crochet and knitting needles I haven't touched in oh, well, about 20 years now (ugh, I can say that and not be exaggerating!!) and look to start making that a part of my growing list of homesteading projects. 

Looking forward, I can't wait for more adventures and learning better and more uses for all my oils. I can't wait to share that and hopefully encourage others that are looking to start or expand in those. I want to can more, knit, sew and crochet more... Can you see where this year offers some new fun projects??? My kiddos are getting older which allows me the chance to include them in all this and give them skills they can use and pass on as they get older. 

I have plans this week to get seeding to build more in my garden before prime desert planting is over, I mean what city homesteader isn't happy to have a whole backyard dedicated to fresh produce growing and ready to pick and eat?? 

So while I had to take some time off lately due to a busy life schedule, just know more is coming... And soon. Sometimes you just need a bit of time to sit back and not make life more difficult. That's what I have done, took a break, a breath, it was SOOOO needed. Some days everything else can wait so you can catch up... 

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