Saturday, June 22, 2013

Starting out small...

I always try to start out small and work from there.... It began 5 years ago when we moved closer to my (then) brand new Sister-in-law. She was into essential oils and had this great little nebulizer that made her house smell GREAT. So I bought one, plus a few starter essential oils. Then she had some dietary things she was doing (and still does)that were interesting. So I checked into those and started incorporating a few things here and there... 5 years later I have a drawer full of essential oils along with 3 nebulizers for different rooms and needs, make my own cleaners, soaps and lotions and have my own dietary ideals for my family. 

Continuing with a theme, my Sister-in-law decided to get a farm. Before she moved out there she had chicks that she kept at their house in the city. All while growing up I had wanted to live on a farm. My mom joked all the time that I should marry a farmer because that was a "happy place" for me. Well that never happened, so my Sister-in-law gave me the jump start I needed to create the little urban farm we are currently building. 

Because I love to research and find good resources I figured I would start a blog. I wanted to share where I have found resources that have helped me on this whole crazy journey. To help others that have chosen to go more healthy without having to say you are following just one thing. I love what so many people have out there, take bits and pieces from each and use it to take a more moderated approach to how we chose to live our life. I don't like the word "cheat" because we eat or do something that "isn't allowed". So we take the fact that we have life to live and we are going to live it without regret and shame. For us, God has blessed us in so many ways that we try to focus on that fact and we need to be thankful for that. God created people and gave them so many talents, He has given us the power to be big bold thinkers. In all I have read and researched I have not found one thing that has totally been "right", so we take from many and put it into our lives knowing life is what you make it and is but a bit of what's to come... So enjoy life, praise God and LIVE. 

I hope as I work to build this that it at least gives one person the resources they are looking for to start eating healthy, play, have some fun and get ideas that help them to live a healthy life. 


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