Saturday, June 22, 2013

Some of My Favorite Resources

Through all this I have found some pages that are ones that I continually use. I hope that it provides a good starting point for others that are looking. 

Lisa has been one of my favorite bloggers for sources of good ideas ranging from breakfast to supper. She has some REALLY fun ideas for kids school lunches. She has her thoughts on different lunch container products out on the market and special "add-in's" that have been a hit in my kids lunches.  If you enjoy her page definitely "like" her Facebook page for even more thoughts, pictures and posts from other sources to help you get information and ideas. Lisa's stuff generally follows a more moderate "less processed" route while still being real that not everything she does follows that to a "T".

Andrea is another one of my start off points for great recipes and directions on doing all my cleaners and a huge chunk of my first aid supplies. I have made most of my soaps, cleaners, salves, first aid ointments and lotions off her site. She also adds interesting perspectives on nutrition and living a more frugal lifestyle. Again, her Facebook page is a good addition for current ideas and access to other blogs.

An absolutely fun place to get good recipes and ideas for meals. I also have her site on Facebook.

OH MY GOSH I use this all the time to get answers about my chickens. It has been invaluable. You gain knowledge by just reading posts of questions from people going through what you are. I can't say enough about it.

I use the Facebook aspect of this blog more than the blog. I love her pictures, ideas, information and great ideas when it comes to raising chickens.

This is a "must have" link for great access to herbs and essential oils to use in making various first aid and home care products. I absolutely love their stuff. I do have to say unless you are ordering in bulk that their shipping prices can be more on the higher side.

HA, not a friend of mine won't laugh that this is on here. I am an amazon user for sure. I do order a lot of the essential oils that I use frequently from there. If I am looking for higher quality I use other sources but for my cleaners, soaps, lotions and every day nebulizer use I order my oils from here. I have also used amazon for seeds, ingredients for lotions, soaps, etc. and bottles to place my newly made products in! There are a lot of things I order from here (like lunch containers/add ons) to use to make all my fun stuff so definitely needs to be placed on my favorites list...

I will add more as i think of them but this is a good starting off point...

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