Monday, July 15, 2013

DYI Baby Gift Time!

Nothing is more fun than a friend having their first baby. Watching the couple to through the pregnancy, then that LONG last month that seems to last longer than the previous 8 months... Then comes this beautiful baby, first time, or even veteran parents are so fun to see with the little blessing that they have made. Holding that little baby, smelling their little smell and hearing those sounds brings back a ton of memories. So I love making up a fun baby basket to help bless the new mommy. 

Today I got the chance to add some stuff to my regular basket that I do. I always buy a few things that I know the parents can use, add some stuff I've made and call it good. This time though I decided to branch out a bit. I brought my stuff out and made not only my usual vaseline and baby diaper rash spray but added nipple cream, a "mommy relief spray" and pad spray to help the mom feel a little better during her recovery so she can just enjoy being a new mom. So let's take a look at how easy it is to make this basket. 

First off, obviously adding a few things like burp rags, bibs and a fun little toy or two are fun to shop for and give the parents more things that we all know can be used. Adding the bought stuff also helps to stabilize the stuff you make and keep it from tipping. It's hot here so some of the homemade products tend to get soft if left in heat too long, last thing I need is for them to tip. I got the basket from my local grocery store on clearance (Actually I got a few because I love using baskets for gifts). Here is the rest...

Vaseline - As most people are now aware, store bought Vaseline is made with petroleum products. Most of us that are trying to stay away from products that aren't natural need a one without that. Plus, who really wants to put industrial products on our baby's bottoms or anywhere else for that matter? I had it melting while I mixed up the cream. 

You take 1/4 cup beeswax and 1 cup olive oil and place either in a double boiler, or I just use one of the small crock pots, and warm until beeswax is all melted. Make sure not to heat too much or you will burn the olive oil, while you can let it set a bit in between stirring I do encourage you to watch it. Once all the wax is melted you can add essential oils or take vanilla beans, scrap the seeds and mix it into the oil mix while it's still warm. Being this is for a little one that isn't mine I didn't add any fragrances. I poured one for my friend then added eucalyptus (40 drops in a cup of the oil) and lavender (15 drops) to make some more Vicks in another jar, I used all mine on my baby during his latest cold. It worked out well. 

Nipple cream - While my vaseline wax was melting I quick put together some nipple cream. This has 3 simple ingredients;  1 part coconut oil, 1 part shea butter and 1 part cocoa butter (I used deoderized so there is less chocolate smell). There is no beeswax in this cream, beeswax can still carry honey with botulism so avoiding it all together when a baby may ingest it is best. Shea butter has anti inflammatory properties and can be used in cooking. Coconut oil is obviously edible and a great skin moisturizer but is also anti fungal in nature. Cocoa butter is edible as well (it's used to make chocolate) and helps keep the skin elastic and moisturized. So as you can see nothing in this cream is harmful to the newborn making it perfect to use prior to feeding and then again afterward. It helps to put a protective barrier while feeding. All you do is take equal parts of all three, soften, mix and put in a jar. Yup, that's it. 

Calming pad spray- Anyone that has delivered a baby vaginally knows that the first month can be... Well, uncomfortable to say the least. I dreaded having to head to the restroom (I wish I had this after I had given birth). So I definitely needed to add this to my gift. Again, it takes all of 5 minutes to make. I just used a measuring cup and mixed it all in there. 1/4 cup witch hazel, 1 Tablespoon pure aloe vera, 10-15 drops lavender. Then poured the whole mix into a small spray bottle. Again, could it get easier? The aloe Vera soothes, witch hazel decreases inflammation and the lavender has anti bacterial/antiseptic properties. Together all of them help calm, soothe and reduce some of the pain and swelling in the perineal area along with any lingering hemorrhoids. All the new mom needs to do is spray a nighttime or heavy duty pad with this spray, don't soak the pad, cover with aluminum foil and place a few in the freezer, grab and take for placing after using the restroom. 

Refreshing Mommy Spray - What better to go with a nice soothing pad than a spritz first with some spray that has just witch hazel and lavender? Together both help to give just a nice way to freshen and feel a bit more able to cope with the pain and burning. To make this just fill a small spray bottle with witch hazel and add 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil. 

Baby Diaper Rash Spray - My last baby had diaper rash BAD. We did A&D cream, zinc oxide, cortisone cream, anything just to give his poor little butt a break. Then I decided to try putting a few drops of tea tree into some water and use it as a spray. Too easy right?? NOPE worked awesome every time for us. So now it's a staple gift to new moms. Tea Tree has so many qualities such as anti bacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic and its drying quality was a bonus for skin that tended to be wet a lot. The fact it was an oil really helped keep the urine away from his diaper rash and we saw healing in 12-24 hrs after applied. Can't beat that. I have had friends that have used it and loved it too, so there you go... Just fill the spray bottle with water and 10 drops tea tree and you have instant diaper rash spray!! :) 

So there you go, it takes all of about 20 minutes to make a bunch of fun products for mom and baby that makes a great addition to any gift!! 

To make this process easier, using one of my favorite ways to shop, I have added things I have used here to my shop to help you on your way. Do know that in addition to finding everything you need in one space, you are also helping me (as an Amazon Associate) continue to buy supplies to do all the ideas shown on this blog. Just go to my store and look under the tab that is marked 'DIY Baby Gift'. A lot of these products can also be found in your local pharmacy and natural food stores. 

Now off to go bless my friend with a fun basket for her and baby!! Oh and the bonus is I get to hold the baby so she can look through all the goodies! 

Disclaimer: Please understand that this information is for educational purposes only. The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and they are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease. Don’t take my word for it…you should always engage conventional wisdom and consult with your medical professional to determine potential drug interactions and safety of use.

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