Friday, July 19, 2013

Sometimes The Little Things Make A Difference

My day started off with just a quick run to the grocery store. Very normal, and definitely not uncommon. Obviously, not knowing me, you don't know that I tend to be very outgoing. So as my cute lil son and I walked in our favorite guys at the sushi counter greeted us before we even got close to see if we were stopping today. We ordered stuff for our lunch with Daddy today and headed out to finish stuff while that was made. My hubby needed some ground beef for jerky and I wasn't near our meat place so I was just going to grab some ground sirloin (yes, I know that doesn't fit in with the "natural" way but I needed it and this is what I did). I walked up and my favorite meat lady (anytime I need something in a pinch she is so willing to help me find the best way to get it) was out and asked what I needed. I told her and she grabbed the best one for jerky and headed back to grind it for me. Again, had to wait so I went on to grab some frozen fruit for making fruit roll ups today. I needed the big bags and they were all out of the big bags of strawberries. So I went to the Dairy/Frozen foods manager and asked if they had more, he checked and found they haven't had any for a couple weeks. He then compensated the price with the smaller more expensive bags for me. I was loving my shopping experience and I wasn't even done!

Since the manager was so nice I decided to test my luck and see if I could get them to carry heavy whipping cream that was carrageenan free. I told him that I had asked Sprouts but the dairy manager wasn't willing to work with me at all. I recognized that Fry's (the store I was at) was a bigger local chain grocery, but I know they have been growing their organics section. I asked if they were willing to see, I would even do the leg work to find what brands they had and suggest the product. He was 100% willing to help me get it in. We went over to the organics manager and she called the dealer. The Organic Valley dealer said that only comes in seasonally. So now I'm going to print off the product info and put in a special request that they attempt to get that, and inform them that Organic Valley also is going to carry raw milk now also. While I don't use that currently, I know somewhere someone will appreciate that its there. 

I understand that shopping at Whole Foods or Sprouts is supposed to be where to get the better, more organic selection of foods. I have to say I love that our local grocery carries a lot of the same things and, unlike Sprouts, is willing to listen to what I need and attempt to get it in. MAN that made my day!!! Yes, I will still get Things from various sources but I was heard.  I was able to get a better product in that offers less processing for others and my family. I didn't even go with that intent. Just one thing sparked off a door that was open to be able to easily get something that I need for us to live a healthier life. I am far more willing to try Fry's first to see if they have what I need. They still have some overpriced items versus elsewhere, but most of those are things I can stock up when I go to the stores that I know carry better prices. 

All this to remind people, some days its the little things that can make a difference in our lives as people in general. Kind words, a friendly smile, being open to other ways of thinking. No one judged me, and actually the dairy manager asked why I didn't want carrageenan. I had the opportunity to teach and share that it can cause inflammation and while the percentage is low in my cream, there are a lot of products that have it. If you constantly have little bits it obviously adds up if you aren't watching. He was interested, intrigued and now informed as to a product that is in a lot of their milk products. He even walked with me as I showed him milk products with it in it, and he was surprised when I grabbed a seemingly healthy whole milk container and it contained it. I didn't force it, in fact I kept it to referring to the fact that we do this in our household and know of many others doing the same. Just making differences, small as they may be, can impact others and bring about an ultimate change that a lot are looking for!!

Just had to share how other people being good neighbors REALLY made my day!! :)

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