Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Does Going "Natural" Mean You Have to Become Critical?

This has bothered me for a long time. I have to say that I have seen some of my favorite bloggers get hammered. They have told real stories and not made themselves look better by softening or lying that they are perfect in what they are attempting to do. Then you watch the comments and you see people judging and get actually mean, why? What truly does this accomplish other than make the "attacker" feel better that somehow they have pointed out a flaw?

When I decided to try to do things a little healthier, a bit out of the box and with far less chemicals and processing than we had in the past, I started researching. I love reading pros and cons to how things are done. There are so many varying opinions, facts and scientific studies out there that are FAR more accessible than ever before. I would find myself up far later than I wanted researching this or that.  I found blogs that were within where we would like to be and followed them. Through all that I've read there never seemed to be the "perfect" answer. I was able to gleam enough information to make a sound decisions for my family but always with some asterisk sitting there. I started slowly implementing ideas, recipes, creative crafts, etc. through that I have gotten to where I am.

During all this, the biggest pet peeve and greatest "grind" I have is being associated with people that somehow see being healthy and "natural" as somehow a perfect science. That if you don't fully conform to one way of thinking or another you are somehow "wrong". Being in medicine for any amount of time you see how imperfect science is. The fun part is watching the constant change and growth that comes from trial and error, from research and development. You see that the biggest greatest thing today can become the worst thing you could ever do for yourself later. I have watched that in just the few short years I have been looking to go more natural in what we do. Agave nectar was "the best sugar replacement", it promised a low glycemic rating and was the next best thing to sliced bread. Go look that up now.... We need to remember this is an imperfect science and people are trying to keep up and do it better, in doing so they may not get there on the first few tries. God made us with incredible brains, free will and with bodies that can overcome and adapt to many things. It's incredible that we live as long as we do, that we thrive even though not all eat perfectly, use chemicals, choose ways of living that don't conform to what others deem as "healthy" living. I think judging and being critical of those that don't live to what someone's definition of "healthy" is can also be seen as not within a realm of "natural". Natural is generally where things are left to grow, produce and live in an unaltered way. Like I tell my children, look to see how many fingers are pointed back at you as you point to another in a judging way. As you judge you place yourself in a position to be judged yourself. 

In this "more healthy, natural" world that I have entered it seems people need to have a label as to where you fit. I have many friends that have found the paleo, gluten free, GAPS, or other diets to work wonderfully in their lives. I really am thankful that there are set ways to have a lifestyle that work for people. I also have friends that because of dietary issues have had to stick to a diet that helps whatever it is that they have going on. For the most part though, I have not met many that don't "cheat". I'm sure there are a few, but even going on the specific diet sites where people are blogging about how they live that "style" you see others that call them out as "not following" or "cheating" because they have different ideas or information as to how that diet should go. My biggest question is why do we do this to ourselves and others? I had this belief that people within this community of living would be supportive, resourceful and tolerant of varying ways of living. Trying to encourage and edify, not judge, criticize and break down because somehow it's not perfectly conformed to a preconceived notion. Most are so wonderful and follow my personal views of how this community would be, its just that the ones that are out to push their ideas or views seem to stand out. Those that are there to personally attack put a "poison" out there worse than any GMO product made. If we all just went by one way of living we wouldn't have all the creative, new, imaginative diets and ideas that are out there. Why would we not encourage this? 

My hope is that this community of people starts to realize that in being critical it does nothing to benefit or bring about the change most are looking to make. Chose your words, if you don't like something then change it through positive influence. Not every way works for everyone and that's ok being there is enough out there to allow everyone the chance to find a good match FOR THEM. Part of the draw for me to all this is the fun in making, changing, researching, listening and learning from many different sources. I don't agree with them all but who said we all had to?


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