Saturday, June 29, 2013

Getting creative...

So being I have only my backyard and not acres of farm land I figured a little creativity would be the key. Once again I set off onto the Internet to find fun creative ways to get our little "urban farm" growing!! My kiddos are some of my best helpers and make each project double in length of time it took to complete but the time spent together was definitely worth the trade off.

We got free pallets from the local Ace Hardware store and made burlap "slings" to assure proper drainage. I know they will eventually rot but it worked great and my herbs have thrived. 

I used 3 hooks on the wall to place each pallet to distribute the weight and make sure they didn't fall. 

I gave my daughter her own area to do an "Angel garden", she looked at the "fairies" and decided they looked like angels more. I'm happier with her name vs. the "fairy garden" thing. :)

Princess showing off her Angel garden. 

The pallets took all my herbs except oregano out of my main garden which freed up a lot more space for other things to be planted. 

My daughter and I took the old grill we had outgrown and made our own salad bar... This doesn't grow long down here if planted in the spring so this fall we will replant it. 

I took the front panel off and spray painted it with chalk paint so we can write messages or what's on tap in the salad garden! She was testing out the new chalk board. 

I also have another herb "basket" that I had picked up at our local nursery to further gain space without giving up my herb space. 

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