Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Chicken Coop

Ok... So this one was a leap of faith. My husband was pretty dead set on not getting chickens right now and I really wanted them. I would never go against my husband so I told him I would get the coop and put it up being it was part of my back yard plans for this spring. He told me that was fine but I wasn't going to have chickens anytime really soon. I was bummed but it wasn't the first time I had put the horse before the cart (hee hee). Thank goodness a gun purchase came into play because we did eventually get chickens that SHOULD start laying here this fall before it gets cold. Before I get ahead of myself here is the first part of our coop build. It was incredibly fun to do this project with my son. He has some behavioral issues that can make things difficult, but not this day, he was on task and incredibly good at doing what he needed to!! You can see the pride in his face as he built this. 

He put together and screwed all these pieces with minimal help. 

You can't NOT try out the coop for yourself!!

We both agreed the chickens were going to love the digs he built for them... Next we just had to wait. Patience is something no one in my family is strong with so we all learned together to find that virtue and use it!!

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